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Emergency Preparedness Questionnaire

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS QUESTIONNAIRE East Coast Food Storage - 3802 Snow Hill Lane - Troy, VA.  - 434 242-9762 bobsnow63@yahoo.com   How Many Persons: _____________ Ages: _______________________________________   Preparedness Time:     30 days            90 days            ½ Year                1 Year             2 Years   Budget:           Tight __________     Mod...
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72 Hour Kit (First Class)

Premium Back Pack [ap_list list_type="ap-list4"] [ap_li]6 in 1 - Compass, thermometer, flashlight, whistle, magnifying glass and mirror[/ap_li] [ap_li]2 - Candles[/ap_li] [ap_li]1 - Snare Wire[/ap_li] [ap_li]1 - Pop up towels (tiger naps) - Fire Starter Material[/ap_li] [ap_li]1 - Multifunction Knife (Swiss Army type)[/ap_li] [ap_li]1 - Fishing Kit[/ap_li] [ap_li]10 - Matches[/ap_li] [ap_...
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13 Commandments of Emergency Preparation

[ap_list list_type="ap-list4"] [ap_li]1.  Water[/ap_li] [ap_li]2.  Shelter[/ap_li] [ap_li]3.  Medicine[/ap_li] [ap_li]4.  Mobility[/ap_li] [ap_li]5.  Wheat, Honey, Powdered Milk, Salt, and Cooking Oil[/ap_li] [ap_li]6.  Religious Items (Bible, etc)[/ap_li] [ap_li]7.  Additional Variety of Foods[/ap_li] [ap_li]8.  Camping (Cooking, Clothing, Sleeping Bags, Light, Fishing Gear, Saws, Para-co...
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Request a Free Preparedness Session

Call to Discuss: 434-242-9762 Or fill out the following email with the following information Your Name Email Address Subject Field Preferred contact information (phone, email, etc) and best times to contact you If you have a group that would like to visit, how many are in your group? When you would like to visit East Coast Food Storage? [contactbuddy]
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