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Concealed Carry “STREET READY” Class

  • Concealed Carry “STREET READY” Class
    12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Concealed Carry “Street Ready” Class

– April 14 12-4 PM


We are excited to announce the addition of active threat classes. They will start in April and will be scheduled as many as needed.

Available Date for a 4-hour class: Classroom and Practical Application Training Students will need to bring 200 rounds of ammo and belt or clip holsters. No shoulder holsters or ankle holsters for safety purposes. 

Bring your favorite IWB/OWB Concealed holster(s) and one of each, open and closed cover garment. If you do not have a holster the instructor has an extra few Glock 17/19/26 holsters for use. The last portion will cover dry fire drills drawing in a vehicle.

“This class designed to help the beginner or advanced firearms owner the knowledge it takes to carry a deadly weapon concealed in public.”

The following is the website for information on the training offered.


Threat Response Training

Our Mission Statement


We focus on providing the skills our customers need to have a multi-dimensional approach to survival. We hone in on personal instinct to accomplish that task.


We offer firearms training including the CCW permit requirement for Virginia, home and vehicle defense, active shooter training (unarmed):  LEAD Tactics (citizens/businesses/churches/schools).


Our staff have years of experience (Military, Defense Contracting, NRA Law Enforcement, State and Local Government) in tactics and crisis training. Class cost 100.00 per person As an armed citizen we must remember that a firearm is always classified as a deadly weapon. We are accountable for everything we do with that firearm. The more training, the more prepared.

Event Location


Venue Phone: 434 242 9762

3802 Snow Hill Lane, Troy, VA, US, 22903

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